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  • Camera: Canon EOS 7D
  • Aperture: f/4
  • Exposure: 1/800th
  • Focal Length: 303mm


De allá del mar vendrás.

Descubrí que no soy disciplinado por virtud, sino como reacción contra mi negligencia; que parezco generoso por encubrir mi mezquindad, que me paso de prudente por mal pensado, que soy conciliador para no sucumbir a mis cóleras reprimidas, que sólo soy puntual para que se sepa cuán poco me importa el tiempo ajeno. Descubrí, en fin, que el amor no es un estado del alma, sino un signo del zodíaco.
Gabriel García Márquez (Memorias de mis putas tristes)

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Egon Schiele


firenze (ittalia)

Necesitas límites mentales. Necesitas no esperar. Necesitas no esperar nada de los demás. Necesitas no traficar con tu dolor. Necesitas orgullo y soledad. Necesitas orden. Necesitas poesía.
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Literary presents | Mugs

Well, I started this before Christmas and then stopped because I figured people didn’t need any more gift ideas… But I still had some links saved, and Christmas is not the only reason to buy presents, is it? And there’s also self-gifts. Celebrate yourself with a mug!

  1. Chesire Cat disappearing mug (click the gif to appreciate effect), from the Unemployed Philosophers Guide, $12.95
  2. Virginia Woolf from BlackbirdStudioUK (Etsy), £8.55
  3. Nineteen Eighty-Four from Penguin (the UK shop is not working atm), $9.95
  4. The Hobbit from CaesarGJ (Etsy), £8.55
  5. Jane Austen characters from The Literary Gift Company, £9.95 (The Shakespeare one is also amazing, so is Dickens’)
  6. I Would Prefer Not To (Bartleby the Scrivener) from Melville House, $20
  7. Shakespearean Insults from the Unemployed Philosophers Guide, $12.95
  8. Literary Lions: Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, from Right Note, £7.80
  9. Literary Transport (Little Women) from The Contemporary Home, £5.00

In case someone was wondering (I know you all were) my favourite ones are the ones in the middle column. Specially the characters one. But I have the Penguin one from P&P (which I love) and one from the Jane Austen gift shop (not on sale anymore) and maybe that’s enough JA mugs for one person <3


Dusk by Michael Brack

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Mountain Bridge, Yamaguchi, Japan

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Gdansk, Poland

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